Test my product - Manual grinder and Vietnam coffee dripper

Good morning, guys! I am Nathan, the owner of Coffee-G. I always love to try different coffee gears, not only because I am selling them but also because I am a big coffee fan. I consider evaluating all kinds of coffee makers as relax. 

Today I am going to test my manual coffee grinder and the Vietnam coffee dripper.

This is the manual coffee grinder(For detailed produt introduction, please click the link). 


I have used this manual grinder once, but it was not a very good memory because it cost me more than half an hour to grind 30g beans. But in the end, I figured out that I set the setting nut to the finest position, which made the grinding extremely slow. 

This is the Vietnam Coffee Dripper. Never use it before. 

The grinder works pretty well this time as I adjust the setting. It took me less than 2 mins to finish the grinding. The coffee powder is fine enough for a dripper. 

It is time to show how the Vietnam dripper works. I love the way this Vietnam dripper works. Compare with a V60 pour-over dripper, the Vietnam dripper has a pressure plate that functions as a tamper and water spreader which extract coffee evenly. And more importantly, it doesn't need some subtle skills to pour hot water over with a drip kettle.

Attach a paper filter and then pour the ground coffee powder into the Vietnam dripper and add a bit of water. 

Put the pressure plate on and then add hot water(90C)

Time to drip!! After around 30s, my coffee is ready. 



  • The manual grinder is easy to use and clean. A coarser grind is less time consuming, and the taste is good enough.
  • The Vietnam dropper provides very good taste. Easy to control comparing with V60(from my point of view, coffee made from this Vietnam dripper tastes better than pour over kits)

Life is good:-)



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