Test my product - Mini Espresso

The Mini Espresso strikes the best balance between easy use, portability and taste. It reliably produces a nice-looing crema with very little bitterness. The compact design enables you to shove it into any small bags and have excellent espresso on the go. 

As I am home alone today, it will be fun to test my Mini Espresso and enjoy a coffee after a happy lunch. Here it is:-).

This is the Mini Espresso in my hand. Looks very compact. 

Step 1: Disassemble and line up all its parts

Step 2: add coffee ground into the basket

Step 3: Cap the basket and put it into the body

Mini Espresso portable espress coffee maker

Step 4: Add hot water to the water tank

Mini Espresso portable espress coffee maker with hot water tank

Step 5: Keep pressing the button until coffee come out when pressure is enough

An espresso coffee is ready to serve:-D

Some conclusions:

1. The coffee taste is not as strong as the one made by a steam machine but better than pour-over kit with obvious crema.

2. Coffee will start to come out after around 6-7 press(It will be faster if I didn't grind the coffee too fine). 

3. Will try pre-heat the Mini Espress next time to see the difference. 


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