About us

Coffee-G(G for Gear or Go, NZBN 9429047283534) is an Auckland based business that focuses and specialises in the supply of manual & Portable coffee gear, including coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee mugs, etc.

The mission of Coffee-G is to source the most refined coffee brew gears with professional quality and lowest price from across the globe to empower Kiwis to make better coffee on the go.

Nathan was an experienced mechanical engineer and had been working for Sony and Xiaomi for years. After immigrated to New Zealand in 2018 with his family, he once worked for a homebrew equipment company in Auckland. But considering the growth of two lovely daughters, Nathan believes it is time to find a way to have more flexible time with family. He has been passionate about coffee and tea for years and finally decided to make the hobby a business with his great advantage in understanding mechanical product mechanisms and high-quality suppliers based in China. The coffee-G team is persistently looking for new creative and reliable products with reasonable costs to match Kiwi's needs. Most of the products for sale in our online store are daily used by the team as a way of testing to make sure our customers will be happy about the function and quality.


The picture above was taken in my backyard. I always enjoy a coffee made with manual brew gears which gives a sense of ritual.